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Recipes – Good Food is Good Mood


Me and My husband Nitin are passionate about food.. We workout work hard and we EAT !!

After all you work so hard earn so much and whats the point when you don’t get to indulge on some good yummy food 🙂

Do try our recipes from our jumping souls blog and let us know how you enjoyed them.

We also encourage readers to share their yummy recipes on our blog ..

If you have some Yummy/healthy/quick recipes do share them on my Instagram page or pop in an email and I will put them up on the blog 🙂

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1 thought on “Recipes – Good Food is Good Mood”

  1. I’ve been following you right from your wedding and have seen your body going through transformations but you looked beautiful at every stage and now you’re at your best throwing out some serious fitness goals to everyone out and inspiring people like me ….
    Happy to see your blog and thanks for sharing all the details

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