Story 4: Deepa Moparty – Doctor

Hello Readers,

My name is Deepa and I am a 38 year old working mother of four and now officially a first degree black belt!

I am not someone who has been considered athletically inclined or physically fit for most of my life and I did not begin my fitness journey until I was 35. After having four children in succession I realized that if I wanted to lose the “baby weight” I would have to figure out a way to fit exercise into my busy life. I started slow and first began taking Taekwondo classes with my older son. This opened my eyes to whole new world of health and fitness along with meeting new friends and having something in common with my 7 year old.

As I started to move up in ranks I realized that I would have to work on my cardiac endurance as I was having difficulty sustaining myself while sparring. I then began taking classes at our local Orange theory fitness which completely changed my life. With a daily changing workout it has kept me engaged and I never get bored. I now find myself looking forward to every workout and I surprise even myself with how strong I have gotten.

It only has taken me 38 years but now I realize that fitness needs to be a priority and when you find something you enjoy it makes it that much better!

My only advice for someone starting on their fitness journey is to start slow and find something you enjoy!

Deepa Moparty

It’s incredible how Deepa manages to juggle between work, taking care of 4 children and staying super active. She is definitely an inspiration to me, hope this post inspired many more!

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