Story 1: Avinash Aithe – IT Professional

Avinash Aithe (“Muscle Mania India 2017” participant)

Hey, let’s be honest, we all have made crazy wishes at some point or the other. Now If You could make such wishes come true is actually fun. Are you new to the gym? Are you a first timer? If yes, then you must have encountered more than a few ‘bro science’ theorems. Your coach might have told you to stop eating rice start eating oats, eat 2 bananas pre-workout and 2 bananas post work out. Have you tried what they said and did it work? You simply wanted to have a few chips, then a few more, then a few more… “One chip is so small, do you know how many calories does it has and what it takes to burn it off??

My name is Avinash, one like you who works for a corporate with too much stress and less fun, I am a husband and a father too, I get to sleep not more than 6 hours every day. I start my day at 7 am and end at 1 am. First time ever something cool happened in my fitness journey is, I have participated in “Muscle Mania India 2017” under “Men’s physique” category. I did not win a title though!! But it was a very good experience.

How did I make it to the Muscle Mania India Stage?? Something magical happened overnight? Is there any magic pill? Not at all. It takes days…Weeks…Months…and years. You will have bad days in the gym, May feel like quitting. You may feel why you even have to do all this, but take a moment sit back and take a deep breath and think why you even started. You need to be consistent, dedicated, and passionate. Are you up for it…!? Be your own competitor and you will see a better you than before. We could write million motivational quotes, can display thousands of before and after pictures, we can also share millions of healthy recipes, but the truth is do you want it bad enough to get your butt off and work for your body? How do I get time to Gym? I actually make time for it!! I have joined a gym 4 Years Back and was so irregular that not more than 1 day in a week I used to go to the gym, I never followed a diet but slowly learned about diet. When people said it’s 80% diet and rest is exercise. I never believed until I tried. I have slowly started fixing my nutrition and I started seeing results and in no time I became addicted to Gym!! There are many applications out there like Body Space where we can pick up one routine and follow when the diet is on point any workout will give you results. Any workout routine you pick up try to follow at least for 6-8 weeks and change the routine. In less than a Year after my nutrition got fixed, I have participated in “Muscle Mania India” in November 2017 which was held in Bangalore. How did this all happen? My workouts were the same but the food that I was eating was different. I started to measure everything I eat and ate the right amount of food my body needs and gave all the required nutrients. So if you are one of them who wants to lose weight, gain weight or planning to make fitness as a career, first you need to stop running on thread mills to lose weight and stop doing millions of crunches everyday stop sweating in the gym. Instead, you should understand your own body needs. Consult a Nutritionist and fix your nutrition and see the difference!! Please do not follow someone else’s diet without knowing your body type.

What according to you is a Diet??? Diet is the term which is misinterpreted by most of them, mostly the diet has been related to less food less oily food no baked food or no sodas or skipping a meal which is not right. A proper diet includes all the micro and macro nutrients one needs as per their goals. A proper and structured diet helps individuals to lose fat gain weight or gain muscles before one starts to make their diet chart it is important to have a clear picture on once goals and prepare a chart based on individual’s BMR and body type. It is very important to have a diet that includes lean Proteins like egg whites, chicken Breast, Whey Protein etc and healthy fats like Olive oil, Butter, Avocado, cottage cheese and carbs which includes oats, sweet potatoes, white or brown rice etc. Diet is incomplete if anyone with protein, fats or carbs are missing. Along with the structured diet, it is very important for an individual to keep themselves hydrated and drink at least 4-5 liters of water each and every day to achieve their fitness goals

Muscle Mania competitions are conducted worldwide. And they claim to be a natural bodybuilding competition, they have multiple categories such as Men’s physique, bodybuilding, Fitness, Women Bikini. I competed under Men’s Medium Open Physique and I would say getting onto this stage was something I never thought or ever planned and it just happened because I was passionate about fitness. The purpose of my participation was never to win a title as it was my first ever competition but I wanted to gain knowledge as to what happens in a fitness competition. We get no more than 1 min to Showcase our physique and for which we spend hours days and years in Gym. This competition has helped me in many ways such as how to use when to use and which Tan to use, I have also learned about water and sodium depletion, carbohydrates loading and especially posing and not only this, but I was introduced to many new people who are like-minded and passionate about fitness so when I plan for the next competition I now have a clear picture which will definitely help me do better.

So what are you waiting for, the beginning is always the hardest. Life rewards those who work hard for it.

Avinash’s story is unique for a guy who is happily married with a kid. He took to fitness less than a year ago and amazingly transformed himself that he even competed at the Muscle Maniac competition this year. In this journey, he amassed 11k followers on Instagram (who is counting, but still, that is super impressive!)

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