Story 8: Joakul

I am a daughter, wife and a mother, but before all those titles I am a “Woman” generally referred to as “The weaker sex”. Maybe, 10 or 20 years ago I would have accepted this fact with a pinch of salt. But after setting foot into the motherhood bandwagon and experiencing pain like no other, sleepless nights, helpless situations and… Continue reading Story 8: Joakul

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Humans of Fitness

We must admit, the majority of us need a constant source of inspiration to help us keep motivated. This can be a friend, a life partner, or sometimes just stories. Stories of people who were in your shoes, but made that leap to achieve their fitness goals. In this space, I bring you some of those… Continue reading Humans of Fitness

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Story 1 – Avinash Aithe

Avinash Aithe (“Muscle Mania India 2017” participant) Hey, let’s be honest, we all have made crazy wishes at some point or the other. Now making such wishes come true is actually fun. Are you new to the gym? Are you a first timer? If yes, then you must have encountered more than a few 'bro science'… Continue reading Story 1 – Avinash Aithe

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Recipes – Good Food is Good Mood

Me and My husband Nitin are passionate about food.. We workout work hard and we EAT !! After all you work so hard earn so much and whats the point when you don't get to indulge on some good yummy food 🙂 Do try our recipes from our jumping souls blog and let us know… Continue reading Recipes – Good Food is Good Mood

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New beginnings

Motherhood is the most beautiful yet a challenging journey for women! Everything changes for a woman once she enters motherhood physically and mentally. If pregnancy is a challenge, post-pregnancy is not a cake walk either! That is when we need to put in all the hard work to redeem ourselves and get back to being… Continue reading New beginnings

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Hampta Pass – Himalayas

Himalayas (Hampta pass) Far far away in the mountains, absolutely no pollution, no phones, no internet, no electricity, not much rush or too many people around. It was serene bliss. I felt completely rejuvenated in spite of the intense trek for 4 days in a row. All I could think about at that time was… Continue reading Hampta Pass – Himalayas