Beans carrot curry


– Beans – cut into small pieces

– Carrots – grated or cut into small pieces

– Oil / Ghee or both

– For tampering- Garlic, urad dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds

– Salt, turmeric & chili powder

– Coriander

Step 1 :

Wash & cut beans into small pieces and keep aside

Grate carrot and keep aside

Step 2 :

– take a wok, add ghee & avocado oil (or any cooking oil you prefer) let it heat for few seconds

– add tampering (mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fresh garlic slices, urad dal)

– add cut beans to the tampering and mix well

– cover the lid and let the beans cook for 10 minutes on low flame till they turn soft

– open the lid and add turmeric & salt and mix well

– add grated carrot, mix well and close the lid, let it cook for few minutes

– open the lid, add red chili powder mix well garnish with coriander

– beans carrot curry is ready

This curry goes well with chapatis, stuffing in a sandwich, millets, rice etc